About VEI

VEI are recognised by both clients and industry as market experts across many sectors & enterprise organisations, as specialists for the technology, solutions and services we provide.


We encourage any prospective new customer not just to take our word for it, VEI encourage you to talk to one of our existing customers for your further peace of mind in any assessment of our true capability, quality and performance.


We pride ourselves on our agility as a business; we have the ability to act quickly in response to change and customer requirements. Our customers often tell us that they feel we are still of a size which allows us to be flexible and proactive and at the same time they have the confidence that we are large enough to be capable and trusted in managing the breadth and lifecycle of the solutions and services we provide.

The Right People

Our people, their personalities, their commitment and their skills are clearly VEI’s number one asset and the one reason why our customers and partners remain happy and continually satisfied with the service we provide.
Each and everyone at VEI is considered as the very best in what they do and have the blended expertise for understanding business as well as technology and most importantly, they understand how to listen and act with your best interests at heart.

The Right Approach

We take the time to understand your organisation, your people, your culture, your customers and how you operate. We sit down with you to understand your needs, the issues within your business and the management objectives. Once all the objectives are understood and agreed, how we measure success needs to be clear and achievable.
We will recommend the best technology, processes, and financing options available to meet your particular objectives. With all our recommendations we will clearly display the costs and detail in support of the solutions and services we have proposed, and will ensure our recommendation is understood by all of the relevant individuals within your organisation.

Controlling Costs

VEI always aim to be competitive and create a tangible measurement on the success of your investment over its lifecycle. We will work with you to demonstrate the total cost of ownership related to the solutions we provide and will aim to always provide a clear return on that investment.

Data Protection Policy

Our data protection policy can be found here.