Unified Communications

What is UCaaS?

For larger businesses the investment in an in-house solution to handle all the communication needs of the company makes perfect sense. However, the cost of sourcing, housing, implementing and maintaining a system to handle all the phones, emails, videos, file sharing needs (not to mention screen sharing, instant messaging, voice messaging) is prohibitive for smaller businesses.

UC&C: Introduction

UC&C (Unified Communications & Collaboration) is the modern way to work. You know you need to be able to hold conversations with your customers across phone, email and video either in the office or when you are out and about. You also want to be able to hold discussions with your colleagues about what you are looking at on your screen even when they are not in the same room, building or even time zone. All this needs to happen instantaneously, whether it be a laptop, tablet or your mobile.

Video: Introducing Circuit

Introducing Circuit
Introducing Circuit – A new way to work, enabling you and your team to focus on connecting, collaborating and innovating. Give Circuit a test drive today.

Link valuable customer information to a call and get a clear picture of your customer interactions, to save time and improve efficiency.
If you require a more bespoke solution, then our in-house development team can quickly and efficiently provide a solution tailored for you.

VEI provides a comprehensive range of solutions that enable small and medium sized contact centres to improve performance and operational efficiency while achieving compliance with market regulations and internal policies.

VEI’s has range of interaction recording and analytics solutions that enable Trading Floors to meet the growing regulatory requirements for monitoring market abuse. They will ensure regulatory compliance, improve risk management and enhance the efficiency of internal processes.

The test of any collaboration app is how it performs for mobile workers. An internet connection with a Chrome browser is all you need to access the complete Circuit experience. Or simply use your iOS or Android device. With Circuit, a single click gets you into secure voice, video and web conferences without annoying links or PINs. You can swipe a live call from one device to another. Catch up on what you missed in flight without sorting out hundreds of emails.