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We do things a little differently at VEI. Here’s what you can expect from our service: Immediate access to skilled resource; Prompt issue resolution; Best practice service management; and, Transparent performance measurement.

Wi-Fi is changing the hospitality industry. It is shifting the way hotels run business and market themselves and more and more frequently, it’s a key factor in how guests decide where to stay and whether they’ll come back. Hotel Managers know they need to offer Free Wi-Fi to their customers, but how do you recoup the cost of the Wi-Fi?

KaptiFi Features for your Business

Location-based reporting, social engagement through the major social media platforms and tailored special offers and vouchers are all key features of KaptiFi.

What is KaptiFi?

KaptiFi is a free, guest Wi-Fi hotspot in your business. Customers are presented with a branded sign-in page when they connect to Wi-Fi. They can choose to sign in via a social media platform, like Facebook and Google+. This social sign in now an industry standard on the web for apps and web sites.