Private Cloud and Infrastructure

Delivering a full cloud platform can be extremely complex. For a private cloud to deliver efficiency and value to the business, it needs to be built around a validated blueprint. But successfully undertaking the relevant planning may be the biggest challenge you face in delivering your cloud platform.

Navigating Cloud Complexity

Not all organisations are in a position to resource their IT department with experienced cloud architects. VEI adds this expertise to your team; we’re experienced in designing and building private clouds, and are second to none in terms of skills and accreditations for cloud-based technologies.

Understanding all the Elements of a Private Cloud

A private cloud needs a reliable, properly-calibrated platform to run effectively. This requires a deep understanding of numerous elements of a cloud environment – management, orchestration, charge-back/show-back, security zones, converged architectures, and best-of-breed solutions.

Most businesses do not create a private cloud in one step. It has to be built while the business gradually adapts to a new way of interacting with IT. Because our employees combine deep technical and wide portfolio knowledge, every member of the VEI team can offer a holistic view of our solutions.