VEI Platform as a Service: The Next Step in UC

VEI’s Hosted PBX Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) delivers cloud-based PBX functionality encompassing traditional PBX features as well as cutting-edge Unified Communications features. It is available over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), dedicated IP circuit, or the public Internet for Service Providers to leverage as part of their overall communications and/or Information Technology offer to business customers. VEI’s Hosted PBX is using equipment located at geographically redundant data centres. The commercial customer does not need to buy or install call processing equipment on the office site, other than telephone handsets handset aggregator devices or other SIP capable hardware or software. The customer can use the same hosted communications core switching equipment to service thousands of users locally, nationally or worldwide.

VEI’s Hosted PBX PaaS offers both the traditional Class 5 switch features and services, in addition to more advanced services often categorized as Unified Communications which include integrating business phone services with desktop computing and mobile smartphones as well as the deep technical capabilities that allow customers call routing freedom, service definition flexibility and generally, a broad range of decision-making capabilities that allow them ongoing control over the marketed service.

VEI provides the complete portfolio of core Hosted PBX platform technology for a business. This, in turn, allows a business to focus personnel and capital resources in aid of improving time to market, sales and marketing efforts directly related to revenue growth, front line customer technical support, product development and device strategies; rather than on infrastructure development and deep technical support.