KaptiFi: Social Wi-Fi and Analytics

Making sense of free Wi-Fi

By granting free Wi-Fi access in your premises, via KaptiFi, your business establishes one-to-one social engagement with individual customers. More than this though, KaptiFi analytics generate powerful presence reports. These reports reveal customer behaviour patterns by age, gender and location, which otherwise remain unseen by business managers.

What is KaptiFi?

KaptiFi is a free, guest Wi-Fi hotspot in your business. Customers are presented with a branded sign-in page when they connect to Wi-Fi. They can choose to sign in via a social media platform, like Facebook and Google+. This social sign in now an industry standard on the web for apps and web sites.

KaptiFi Features for Wi-Fi users

Content filtering, Wi-Fi security and brand engagement are all easy to deploy features.

KaptiFi Features for your Business

Location-based reporting, social engagement through the major social media platforms and tailored special offers and vouchers are all key features of KaptiFi.

KaptiFi for Hotels and the Hospitality Sector

Wi-Fi is changing the hospitality industry. It is shifting the way hotels run business and market themselves and more and more frequently, it’s a key factor in how guests decide where to stay and whether they’ll come back. Hotel Managers know they need to offer Free Wi-Fi to their customers, but how do you recoup the cost of the Wi-Fi?

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