KaptiFi for Hotels and the Hospitality Sector

Wi-Fi is changing the hospitality industry. It is shifting the way hotels run business and market themselves and more and more frequently, it’s a key factor in how guests decide where to stay and whether they’ll come back. Hotel Managers know they need to offer Free Wi-Fi to their customers, but how do you recoup the cost of the Wi-Fi? Well, here’s how KaptiFi can help:

  • Interaction from guests over many hours allowing you to upsell during their stay
  • Offering drinks or meal promotions in your bar or restaurant
  • Offering vouchers for future repeat stays
  • Offering vouchers at local businesses (e.g. attractions) in exchange for advertising fees
  • Reminding guests to promote your property to their friends and to leave reviews on Trip Advisor
  • Send guests a voucher through the system to their social media account so that all of their friends can see it.
  • Target specific guests – Females/Males between 18-45 years old for your Wedding Fair Event
  • Each one of your guests has an average of 190 friends who are interested in similar things. You can promote to them without having to spend thousands on advertising or booking commissions.
  • Send offers and details of local events to entice your customers to come and stay more often!
  • Encourage your local restaurants and attractions to use our service and then you can all help to promote each other