Wi-Fi for the Retail Sector

Transform the in-store shopping experience with intelligent Wi-Fi and enhanced analytics. Wireless access makes retail businesses more efficient, more effective, and more profitable – if it works the way it should.

Today’s shoppers demand more. VEI’s Retail Wi-Fi solution will transform the in-store shopping experience for your customers and staff.


WiFi on the high street

The internet has transformed consumer purchasing decisions and retailers have been quick to adopt it as a vital channel to market. But research suggests that more than 70% of retailers still don’t have in-store Wi-Fi. Yet Wi-Fi is a great opportunity to build stronger customer relationships and drive sales.

The smartphone

It’s estimated that 45% of Irish adults own a smartphone. This gives retailers extraordinary customer engagement potential. That’s because 44% of these smartphone owners say the availability of Wi-Fi influences where they shop. An amazing 94% of them use their smartphone in-store.

Improving the customer experience

Customers dislike standing in long checkout queues. With in-store WiFi, sales staff can be equipped with mobile devices to cash-out customers on the shop floor, removing the need to queue. WiFi also allows shoppers to go online while they’re in-store to read product reviews or compare prices. Thus WiFi can be a vital tool in improving the customer experience.

Promotions in store

Consumer spending power has been hit by tough economic times. Retailers need new ways to increase footfall and dwell time in-store. Targeted promotions to customers’ mobile devices via in-store WiFi are a great way to achieve this. Research amongst smartphone users suggests more than 70% would be happy to receive a text or e-mail with promotions while they’re using in-store Wi-Fi.

Operational efficiency

Wi-Fi also offers retailers compelling operational benefits. It can transform time consuming stock control and inventory management and reduce the level of out-of-stock items. Using Wi-Fi to connect all through the supply chain also gives the potential to reduce in-store inventory.

Do more

Wi-Fi can be used for a whole host of other operational and customer-facing services. These include digital signage, EPOS, CCTV, in-store music and vending machines.

Options for Wi-Fi

Creating a dynamic in-store Wi-Fi experience can be a challenge, especially in high footfall locations. Do you build a whole new network or overlay your chosen solution on existing Wi-Fi infrastructure? Are there options that don’t require major hardware upgrades? And can you find a business Wi-Fi specialist able to give you a white-label Wi-Fi solution you can brand yourself? Yes you can.

What to do next

Start by researching ideas and best practice independent advisory bodies. Then, understanding your vision better, select a Wi-Fi partner such as VEI, who are both flexible and experienced in delivering proven solutions in line with your business requirements. At a minimum, your provider should be experienced and have referencable customers, as well as able to deliver content filtering and data protection standards.