VEI’s Support Services

Supporting internal IT can be costly, especially when you need 24/7 cover. Many businesses cannot provide dedicated out-of-hours support; others find it difficult to react quickly to faults and security incidents without impacting ongoing projects and operations.
But finding a third-party provider that has the capacity, expertise and flexibility to cater for your needs can be a real challenge.
VEI’s operations team can provide the specialist knowledge and flexible working needed to ensure your organisation runs smoothly 24x7x365. The service is based out of VEI’s Network Operations Centre (NOC). It can be tailored to include remote, on-site and manufacturer support, together with service delivery management as required.

VEI is one of the most qualified Siemens partners in the UK, with advanced technology certifications and a string of complementary solution vendor accreditations. Our team of experts is supported by helpdesk systems that enable the NOC and customer infrastructure teams to collaborate on issue resolution and to update each other with progress at the click of a button.
Where escalation is required, the NOC follows a defined manufacturers escalation process and takes full ownership of hardware replacement, access to software and vendor assistance. All of this translates into reduced issue resolution timescales for customers, and ultimately to maximum system availability for end users.