Managed Services: What we offer

We cover the right technologies. We have the right people, with the right attitude, processes and systems. We meet SLAs.
There is one final VEI service element that we think stands apart: the commercial flexibility of our offering. Using our unique pricing structure, customers can choose different levels of support and management for different elements of their infrastructure, and be charged accordingly.
Maybe you want 24x7x365 cover for your IP Telephony System, but you only need 8x5xNBD for your WLAN. Maybe you want on-site support for your Video Conferencing System, but remote support will do when it comes to your LAN.
With VEI, you will pay for and receive just what you need. With many other providers, you will have to choose from a limited set of options that have more to do with lowering costs and complexity for the provider rather than the customer.


Remote monitoring and automated alerts to resolve issues before they become a problem

Managed LAN

Ensuring core infrastructure is maximally available

Managed Wireless LAN

A comprehensive service from a team of proven wireless experts

Managed Unified Comms

Ensure consistent performance for IP voice, video, digital signage and conferencing

Any Access

Allows you to transfer all or part of the responsibility for providing remote access to your users for a simple monthly, ‘per user’ fee