Wi-Fi location analytics (LBS) systems allows customers to connect through on-site Wi-Fi and opens a direct channel of communication that enables retail centres and alike to better understand and deliver what customers want. Whether this is to look at the location analytics for dwell time and footfall or to push marketing based on location and user behaviour.

Wi-Fi for the Retail Sector

Transform the in-store shopping experience with intelligent Wi-Fi and enhanced analytics. Wireless access makes retail businesses more efficient, more effective, and more profitable – if it works the way it should.

“Wi-Fi is critical. For our hotel guests, it is nearly more important than running water.” – Owen Murtagh, IT Manager, The K Club

Wi-Fi for SME and Enterprise

VEI have extensive experience in LAN, WAN and Wi-Fi implementations and can guide you to the adapted selection of products based on the performance security and maintenance needs of your network as well as the size and spread of your work force.

Wi-Fi Features

As part of our process for designing a new or updated wireless network, we perform a site survey, VEI provide certified professional engineers for your installations and we offer a versatile and comprehensive solution to maintenance needs.

VEI provides the most advanced Wireless and Wired networking solutions for employees and guests at any venue where Internet access is needed. Our fully supported networks allow you to provide your employees and guests with Wi-Fi access that is fast, reliable, and, most importantly, easy to use.

How Wi-Fi Works

Wi-Fi works with no physical wired connection between sender and receiver by using radio frequency (RF) technology. The cornerstone of any wireless network is an access point (AP). The primary job of an access point is to broadcast a wireless signal that computers, phones and tablets can detect and “tune” into.